“If you do it right,
 it will last forever.”

–Massimo Vignelli



Impact, Sustainable, Innovative, Blended: These terms are essential to driving a certain way of doing business. We applaud and ascribe to their practice. We try, however, not to get lost in the jargon. 

Our Mission: Get Great Things Done



OFFICE:FMA designs and implements market-ready investment, reconstruction and growth initiatives. We work at the intersection of international development and the capital markets, with the common goal of promoting private sector growth, increasing financial services to the underserved and realizing positive financial, social and environmental impact. 


Our areas of focus include:

Private Sector Capital and Investment

Capital Market Development

Designing Regulatory and Policy Frameworks

Entrepreneurship/Early-stage Financing

Economic Growth and Trade

Public Sector/Infrastructure Finance

Access to Finance/Financial Institution Advisory

Innovative Finance

Environment, Energy and Agriculture Management Finance

Natural Resource Management Finance



OFFICE:FMA creates customized strategies to meet client specific objectives. Comprised of multidisciplinary professionals from investment banking, asset management, regulatory agencies and commerce our experience is across the capital structure, many different industries, geographies, and all asset classes -- from plain-vanilla equities to extremely complex derivative transactions. 

We realize that one solution rarely fits all problems and no two businesses are exactly alike. Delivering focused, value-added advisory services begins with listening to and understanding the needs of each client and tailoring the scope of our work to their specific circumstance. We structure the most cost-effective and efficient solutions to fit the needs of the client and the markets.


We believe the best innovations
are the ones that work.

Corporate and Strategic Financial Planning

Financial Fund and Facility Creation

Financial Valuation

Investment Sourcing, Due Diligence, and Deal Structuring

Market Analysis



OFFICE:FMA team is fully licensed to advise enterprises on all aspects of financial transactions. Indeed, we have sourced, structured and exited more than

$30 Billion in deals.

We understand our clients’ concerns, goals and limits, given that investors are a diverse group, having different risk, return, liquidity, and geographic constraints. We align their growth needs with the right capital solutions using our team’s long-standing relationships and experience across the entire funding spectrum. We get deals done.

OFFICE:FMA provides a variety of custom-tailored services in the areas of:

Capital Raising Strategy Development

Capital Placement

Recapitalization and Restructuring

Mergers and Acquisitions

Our clients are evenly distributed between the public and private sector.
We pride ourselves on our ability to bridge these two spaces.