ANDE Small and Growing Business Finance Learning Lab Webinar

The development world knows it wants to attract institutional investors and private capital, but lumping this huge amount of capital into a single, homogeneous group is a dangerous oversimplification. The term institutional investor is a catch-all, encompassing everything from pension funds, such as CalPERS, with its over $1 trillion in assets, to consultants (Cambridge Associates, Hewitt) to mutual funds, etc. Each has different restrictions in terms of acceptable size of investment, risk/reward, liquidity and volatility, requiring products that are not one-size fit all. This webinar focused on defining the various groups, their risks tolerance, what they often look at in-terms of acceptable rewards and how they might be best incentivized to help the development players achieve their goals.

Steve Zausner, Partner, OFFICE:FMA and Steven van Weede, Managing Director, Capital Advisory Services, Enclude

Mark Correnti, Director, Impact Investing, Miller Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University
Gene Turok, Partner, OFFICE:FMA